Driving Aged Care Quality 2018 (Sydney, 21-22 February) is a two day forum specially designed to bring together government, aged care providers and businesses to discuss the opportunities and challenges confronting the sector as we work towards a more sustainable and affordable aged care system for all Australians.

Whilst the aged care sector was spared from additional cuts in the 2017-18 Budget, we can expect more reforms in the months to come. With calls for the sector to adopt a more market-driven approach, aged care providers cannot rest on their laurels and must continue to innovate their care and funding models to thrive in a competitive market.

How can you prepare your business for future reforms? How will reforms impact the quality of services? How should you position your organization in the marketplace? Can you deliver quality and tailor-made services even in a tight funding environment? This two day forum will address these burning issues and many more issues of particular concern to the aged care sector in Australia in 2018. 

From the organisers of:  

Key benefits of attending:

  • Examine latest aged care reform plans, projects and policies, understand what this means for you and your organisation
  • Gain first-hand insights on trends, opportunities and challenges in providing consumer-directed care across Australia in a changing funding landscape
  • Understand how you can strike a balance between funding, innovation and quality of aged care services
  • Leverage best-practice innovative approaches to delivering quality care across the spectrum from aged care experts 
  • Find out how to capitalise on technology to improve the quality and delivery of aged care services and sidestep the challenges that often arise 



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